Monday, March 26, 2012

I Love Monday!

I really love Mondays too, I get to talk to all of you, hear about life back home, and a little time to relax. I don't get to go to kindergarten, but I still have fun!

The ward members in this new area are really, really fun! I love being here with them! They are taking very good care of us and really want to help us out in the work as well!

Thank you, by the way, for saying I still look ''fit'' =P I am trying to keep it that way. =) It is easier to stay in shape than to get back in it! Though there will still be a lot of work to do when I get home!

The ward has left a great impression on me! I am really excited to work with them and really know that they want to see the work move forward! They are great people, and I feel like I am already getting to know them all really well! It is really cool, I know a lot of the members from past areas, from their families and such in other parts of Sweden! It is awesome, I am already becoming a part of the ward!

Elder Dalton is a great missionary, and really wants to learn all that he needs to to become an incredible missionary! I was lucky to get to be with him! He is really good at testifying about gospel principles, and loves the work. He is dedicated and determined to get out and do his part. I am working with him on his Swedish, which is improving. It is still impressive how much we are able to learn in such a short time! Plus, he gets to start with Skånish! Ha ha. I am starting to feel much more comfortable with my Swedish. It is coming, and I am continuing to work on it. I have decided I love Skånish and really want to pick it up, so I am working on the pronunciation and everything! It is so much fun! (Just for the record, I will also make sure I can speak a cleaner Swedish in case I leave skåne!) Elder Dalton is already confident, and not afraid of making mistakes, though he does not like the phone at all. I know how that one goes! =) So, I can work with him on that too! He is really just great though, we will have a great transfer!

I am really excited to be district leader. It is a fun opportunity to serve and to teach! I do get to plan district meetings as well as splits when we are here! It is really exciting! Nothing too challenging, but a good place to be and to serve. I am not planning on serving any duck tongue, I am not going to spend my money on that! Ha ha. I already tried it anyways!

The church we visited last p-day was really cool. We got to go in the priest's rooms, see the clothes/special robes, as well as the ''silver room'' where they keep the fancy silver things for special occasions. That was pretty cool, and the lady we talked to was very nice! Hopefully we can talk to her more! The castle is closed on Mondays... we might have to re-arrange p-day a little one week so we can go and climb up to the top of the tower! I am looking forward to that!

This past week has been really fun. A lot of the work has been in finding more investigators and trying to get times to meet the ones that we do have! I have seen though that when we go out and just give all that we have, focusing on the work, and being effective with our time, miracles happen! For example, last night we had some time that was free after our member dinner. We decided that instead of just going and talking to people on the street, we would try to meet some less actives and past investigators in the area. As we went out, we also did what we could to talk with everyone we passed, send text messages, and call people, and something really cool happened! People that we talked to were more interested, people we had tried to contact for weeks got back to us, and we were blessed! We can not control everything, in reality we can control very little. But, when we give our best, we will always be blessed with a full harvest. Those who are prepared are out there and ready! Just open your mouth and see what happens!

I love you all! Have a great week and do what you know you should!

Äldste Maxwell

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