Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Quiz from Emma: How well do you know your new companion?

Questions and challenge: Alright, you recently had transfers (right?), so lets see how well you know your new companion!

What is his middle name? (no cheating and using that website! :P)
How many siblings does he have?
Where is he from?
What color are his eyes?
How long has he been out?
Where was he going/is going to go to college?
What color is his toothbrush?
Does he wear a CTR ring?
When is his birthday?
Did he play any sports or instruments?

Austin's Answers:

1. Middle name I think is Tanner... augh... I was wrong... it is Lane. Not even close!
2. I guessed 2 siblings and was off again... 1 older sister and 2 younger brothers.
3. He is from Santaquin, Utah... I don't know how to spell the city name but he always says it so I know that is right! =)
4. His eyes are blue. I was right. =)
5. He has been out in Sweden for almost three months now. He was a greenie before I came to Helsingborg.
6. He does not really know, just got out of High School and really has not thought about it at all.
7. I believe his tooth- brush is blue and white.
8. Yes, it is a multi lingual one that spins. He got it from his brother.
9. I have no idea... September 24, 1992.
10. He played some soccer, mostly just for fun. He ran sprints. He can play the piano, organ, and the tin wistle or the penny whistle =) It is pretty sick, he is really good with the last one.

So, I got 7/10 right! That is not too bad is it? only for ½ a week too!

And a fun little tidbit!

Oh, we did a little exploring this week, and guess what we found in our storage here? ............ did you guess? An organ! It is really old, and a litte leaky but we have a pump organ in our storage, it was super awesome to learn! I am excited... after fixing it up a little I might move it into the appartment... you don't think the neighbors would mind, do you? =P

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