Monday, October 1, 2012

Prepare to listen to the words of love and guidance!

I have not seen any snow here yet... though it should be coming soon!!!! I think it would be great to have some for conference!

My new area feels mostly like country... though all the work we do is in the cities... right now a lot of the work we are doing is in neighboring smaller cities... Boden and Älvsbyn especially... it would be pretty hard tracting out in the woods... though a lot of our members live there! This week for example we got to do some service for a member harvesting potatoes! It was fun, a lot of work... cold, and a great experience! It made me miss home a bit though... Oregon actually. I just like the farm/ country feel! French is getting better and better... found some more people who speak french, and the ones who we are in contact with are already speaking mostly french with me! It is awesome! I have preach my gospel, the book of Mormon, pamphlets, and a French/Swedish dictionary! I am set! I sometimes wish I had some type of grammar book... but this is working great!   Yes, the people who are the most positive are usually immigrants... though there are some Swedish people also getting baptized! There are a lot of French speaking Africans from the Congo up here! It is really fun. One this week said that he was my ''Grand Frére!'' (because he was a year older than me!) ha ha, it was sweet!

One more experience this week that is notable, I tried surströmming for my first time. It was terrible, smelling! Taste-wise it was actually quite good! Though at the same time it was quite a bit of work to clean the little fish and get out the meat... awesome experience, and surprisingly good taste. Though not sure it was so good I will ever go and buy it on my own! 

Yesterday we were able to go and teach one of our Swedish investigators. He was a really cool guy, younger (mid-thirties) and a really deep thinker. I was impressed with his insight into human nature, the importance of Christ, and the example that Christ was to all mankind. I was really impressed in the lesson, when we were reading in the scriptures out of the teachings of Christ,  he took the time to listen, and ponder the words of Christ, and to then to apply it to himself! I was personally also impressed when I felt the spirit enter, as the section was read. There is so much power in the teachings of Christ!  He really teaches that all may understand, and that those who are ready will always be able to receive more! I know that the church is true. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and the truth. He is the path back to our Father. I love being a missionary. It truly gives me joy. I love my Savior, and I want to only do what is right in his eyes.
 Have a great week, and prepare to listen to the words of love and guidance for us from our Father this weekend!

Love you all, have a great week!
Äldste Maxwell

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