Monday, August 1, 2011

When you get scared...

I have learned that when you get scared, you do worse. You don't need to be nervous or afraid, that is just Satan trying to get you out of the game! When I first got here in Jonkoping, I got really nervous, my Swedish fell apart and I started to think I was a really bad missionary. Then, I figured out that it really did not matter, that I did not have to be worried, that as long as I tried I would be blessed and would be able to do better. It was really apparent when I gave my little talk in sacrament meeting... my Swedish was horrible, especially when reading (which I am usually better at) so, I stopped, took a few breaths, and suppressed my fears as much as possible and it went a lot better!

I noticed that some of my socks are starting to get holes. We do a tone of walking! Just Saturday, we did so much that I lost a ton of rubber! It is crazy! When they wear out, I am hoping to get some Swedish stuff, I like the Swedish style!

I have had great examples all my life that I could learn from and watch. It is amazing how much of a difference a smile can make! I am super happy to be a missionary... just yesterday I was talking to some returned missionaries and I am quite sure that two years will not be enough... not that I won't want to come home, but it will only be the beginning of the work!

I believe the sun sets a minute and a half earlier every day, or something like that. We have blinds, but mostly you just get used to it and it is not too bad, plus, you are pretty tired every night and it is really nice to sleep, though it is a battle to make the thoughts stop to sleep... I have gotten better at it! I am never sure how long till I fall asleep but it is not long! And, with the long days, we get sunsets that last for hours! It is really cool! I am excited for the night... that doesn't end. It is a while from now still.

So, this week, I got to go on splits with Elder Jenkins in Skovde. It was a lot of fun and we had a really good time with a referral. It was really cool being with Elder Jenkins. First, he is still a greenie and has the greenie fire! It was really fun, plus he already has amazing Swedish! Anyways, he decided that we should go and visit a referral up in Mariestad, we called her and she said we were welcome to come over! Since he didn't know the area very well, we wandered and had to call the referral to get help finding her... but we made it and when she let us in she was all dressed up and was making waffles for us! (She is an older woman.) Since neither Elder Jenkins or I knew anything about her, we started asking questions about her as we ate... She was an excommunicated member and knew a ton about the church! She is still getting the Liahona in both Swedish and Finnish! As we were talking, it was really cool, it seemed like everything she talked about led her to her belief in Christ and that she wants to come back! Her problem was that she thought it would be weird to be baptized again... Yesterday I heard from Elder Jenkins and she called them and said that she wants to be baptized again! It was really cool, we basically just visited and talked, and she taught us about our church. Now she came to church and wants to come back! The Lord really does lead us to the prepared!

I really do love my mission! It is the best part of being a member, the worst part is that I can only do this once - serving as an older couple is a very cool experience and is amazing, but is not the same! I am glad that I am able to help other people and this is really fun - it is exciting! Plus, I got called to the best mission in the world!!!

Aldste Maxwell

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