Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh, I Should Introduce My Companion! (transfers are next week)

So, I guess I never did really introduce my companion. Elder Wood comes from Utah, I am pretty sure Kaysville, just outside Farmington. He is a really cool guy. He is a very good singer and from what I have heard, he is also a very good trombonist. He went on a tour with a band through Europe. He has also been to China and many other parts of the world with choirs and bands... So, he is a band kids and likes to sing too! He is going to school at the University of Utah/Utah State, I don't remember which... NOT BYU. Although, he did admit that BYU is a really good school... he just got more money from the other. He is really smart and loves to cook. We have been eating well and I have been relieved of my cooking duties for a while. Elder Wood has been my district leader my whole mission so far. He is a good leader and has only 2 transfers left before he goes home! It is scary, time goes by so fast! He goes home early January... I will be home in less than a year after that! Where does the time go? He is the youngest of his family and doesn't mind being weird! He was in student body leadership in high school and was really good at making fun of himself! He is awesome, I have enjoyed my time with him!

Story time: This week was exciting! I will just begin with one of my "firsts" of the mission! One day, as we were walking down the street a boy on a bike came up and stopped us! That in itself was a first, I was excited. We started talking to him and he began by asking us if we could go in the store and buy him some cigarettes. We, of course, said no. He was then kind of sad and began begging us to go and get him some cigarettes. I wanted to start to teach him, but he was just whining and started getting a dirty mouth... it was pitiful! I feel so sorry for him. We just left him there and he said some bad Swedish words... but we did not get him cigarettes! I do not know what the world is coming to!

Second story: Monday, last week, we went to a members house for dinner. We were visiting them for the third day in the past four because they invited us over a lot and to help out an older lady in the ward to feed us as well. I am glad that she did because the food was amazing! Anyways, Monday they invited us over for family night. We got to meet their friends from Britian, Brogen and Tony. They were the most fun people I have met in a very long time! I learned to speak like I was British, got a couple new friends, and had a ton of fun! We played a game called rum-tee-tum. It is a game of passing cans around in a circle (it is really not that easy) and singing a little song, when you mess up you are out. Brogen was the champion but was defeated by both my companion and Maggis (one of the family members). It was a very exciting night and a lot of fun. They are the type of people that make the church so incredible. Good people, strong testimonies, fun, obedient, a little crazy, and missionary "parents" (they always take super good care of the missionaries - food and fun)

I got to talk to President Newell, he came to Jonkoping for a district meeting. I am growing to love him so much as I get to know him! It is really cool to see him, learn from him and his example and see what he is doing with the mission to make it grow and expand. I have had a great week and hope that you all do to! Transfers are next week already!

Love you!
Austin Maxwell

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