Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Birthday from Sweden

The swedish birthday song is as follows:

Ja må hon lever, (x3)
ut i hundrade år!
Javisst, ska hon leva, (x3)
ut i hundrade år!

Och när hon har levat, (x3)
ut i hundrade år!
Ja, då ska hon skjutsas, (x3)
i en skottkärra fram!

''Ett fyrfäldigt leve för födelsedags barnet!'' (one person yells this line)
Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!! (every one yells! (make sure it is four!))

You will have to look up the tune... I can't write it out.. and simple pronunciation help is as follows:
J=y (Ja = ya)
Å=oe (må=moe)
U=oo (ut=oot (like it toot))
A=a as in austin
I=ee (as in meet)
skottkärra= 'skote-sherra'
skjutsas= 'shute-sas' (These two, ignore above pronunciation, read 'x' as if reading english!)
last tip, say every single letter! Don't skip anything! (hundrade=hoon-dra-dé)

Maybe not really simple, but very simple! As simple as I can make it! And, an afternote... this is singing to a girl... you change the subject if it were to be a boy or to be plural! =P (Hon=she han=he de=they (de is said 'dome'))

Here is a link to the tune:  The Swedish Happy Birthday Song

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