Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The "Companion Quiz"!

Emma (Austin's sister) makes up great quizes to see how well her brothers know their companions. Here is Austin's quiz about his current companion:

  1. What is your companion's full name?
  2. Where was your companion born?
  3. What career do they want to persue?
  4. What color is their toothbrush?.... and please tell me they do brush their teeth ;)
  5. Did they play any sports in high school? and what sports would that be?
  6. How many, if any, siblings do they have?
  7. Are they cute? if so, feel free to mention me. haha, just kidding! They are kind of old and that would be awkward :P
  8. Is your companion allergic to anything?
  9. Do they have any habits that are annoying? ... or maybe you just prefer not to dwell on thoughts like that :)
  10. When is their birthday?
  11. What is their favorite color?
Austin's Response:
Man... I don't know about this quizz stuff.... not sure how well I know Elder Day yet... here goes!

1. Derek Ryan Day
2. Born in Utah! (lived in same house his whole life)
3. Wants to be a insurance company consultant... an Actuary is what it is called!
4. Blue and white I think... yes, he does!
5. He was a runner. Cross country. Really good at it too!!! (Went to nationals a couple times!)
6. He has nine siblings. He is #8 of the 10 kids!
7. Cute.... well.... I don't know! (he says a three letter word works... ''duh!'', but that was what he said!)
8. No... he is not allergic to anything!
9. One habit I find a little annoying is driving close to the right side of the road... I am always on edge! =S =P
10. February 17th i think... no, it was the 15th... =*( close though =)
11. Red! ... dang, he said ''Orange by far.'' So... maybe I never really found that out before... *Shrug* =P

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