Monday, October 8, 2012

Let all of your friends know how awesome the missionaries are!

I have loved conference so-far!  It is incredible! It started with a bang, and the ending (Sunday morning session thus far) was no disappointment! I really loved the conference, it really brought the spirit, confirmed my findings and personal resolves that I have made recently in my study of the prophets and the scriptures. I really love the scriptures, and the blessing the truth is in my life!  Yes, conference is like Christmas for us missionaries... it is one of the most anticipated happenings! That and transfers... one spiritual, the other more worldly/timely.

I have seen that the saying is true, wherever there is the most good you will also find the most bad or wrong. I don't think that any family is safe, I doubt that there is anyone not affected by it! The world is a challenging and turbulent place! I expect that it will continue to become darkened and unclear. However, with the spirit there is no darkness that will not be penetrated, there is nothing that will be hidden from us. I know that we will not go lost, as long as we have the spirit with us. Sure, there are commandments in the gospel! They are blessings! They are the steps we take, the foundation upon which we are lifted above the mists of darkness and are allowed to see around in light, peace, and wonderful clarity! 

Take what was impressive in conference, and make it lasting... DO IT!  It is in the doing that we receive the fruits of our labors. And, let all of your friends know how awesome the missionaries are, you got a great list of things in conference that we can help with! I am also quite positive that there are even more! So, help the missionaries, by letting them help you and those who are near and dear to all of you! Seek the guidance of the spirit, and fear not! The Lord is hurrying the work. Lets do it!
 I love you all, I love being a missionary, and I love the gospel!

Love you all!
Äldste Maxwell

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